Mastopexy with elastic thread

Today, drooping breasts can be lifted, without skin dissection or tissue removal, by means of only two incisions a few millimeters long and the implantation of an elastic thread – and without leaving visible scars. Designed by Dr. Sergio Capurro in Genoa, with the collaboration of Dr. Maurizio Berlanda in Trento, this procedure has been made possible by the creation of an innovative elastic thread and the Jano needle. Elastic mastopexy is performed by means of three circular sutures of the elastic thread (Elasticum EP4, Korpo). These elastic threads raise and firm up the breast, restoring its natural conical shape; if necessary, they can also reduce the diameter of the areola. The breasts can be further raised, if the patient so wishes or if drooping is very marked, by implanting an additional elastic thread. Any volume deficits can be corrected by grafting adipose and stromal cells (Adipofilling). In the months following elastic mastopexy – until the elastic threads have been transformed into “natural” ligaments – the patient must wear a balconette bra. The result remains stable over time. In addition to being corrective, this new ambulatory procedure prevents gravitational ptosis of the breasts. (Preview on CRPUB.ORG)

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