Adipofilling is the new technique of lipofilling designed by Dr Capurro. Adipofilling was designed several years ago (2007) but only now has it been made available for the other surgeons.
The Adipofilling is made possible by the realization of the Adipopimer, an inexpensive disposable device, conceived by dr. Capurro (Capurro Patent).
Adipofilling constitutes an innovation in lipofilling. In a few seconds, the lobular fat aspirated through a 4 mm ø cannula is transformed by an aspiration vortex, into a volumetric suspension of small lobular fragments or into a regenerative suspension of single living cells.
In the face, intradermal injection is the most powerful technique for regenerating aged or damaged skin and the most powerful anti-wrinkle tool there is.
Nor are its applications limited to the esthetic field. The guiding concept of dr. Capurro is to maintain the integrity of both components of adipose tissue: stromal cells and adipocytes. Withdrawing fat by means of small-caliber cannulas and using filters, steel pellets and centrifugation at 1450 atm, corresponding to 3000 RPM (Coleman's Lipostructure) damage or destroy the adipocytes. This is tantamount to grafting the conductor of the orchestra, but with few musicians or even without the orchestra itself (you see Tonnard nanofat).
Local anesthesia is performed with mepivacaine. Anesthesia with the cheapest lidocaine strongly impaired preadipocyte viability and prevents glucose from entering the adipocytes.


Volumetric Adipofilling Parry Romberg

Volumetric Adipofilling of the lower third of the face, lips, dark circles and forehead



Lipoaspirate is drawn through a 4 mm cannula, washed in an Erlenmeyer flask with a tap and transformed by the Adipopimer into a suspension of small fragments of lobular fat within a few seconds. The lobular fragments can be injected superficially or in depth into the subcutaneous tissue, where it becomes integrated the connective stroma. The small fragments of lobular allow better blood supply and increased engraftment. This suspension, almost always combined with a small amount of cell suspension, can be used to stimulate hair growth and to enhance volumes of the scalp, forehead, temporal region, cheeks, mandibular arch, lips, neck, etc.
In the body, Adipofilling can correct asymmetry and hypoplasia of the breasts.
This procedure is performed increasingly frequently together with the implantation of elastic threads to give the breasts the desired shape; the fragments of lobular fat fare grafted once the breast has been raised and shaped from the conizing elastic suture.
The adipose tissue aspirated from the hips, abdomen or trochanters can be utilized to enhance the volume of the buttocks. These sequential procedures therefore improve two areas of the body. Adipofilling of the buttocks is sometimes carried out after the implantation of elastic suspension threads. Adipofilling can correct the results of breast and calf implants, imperfections left by liposuction, and all defects of the figure.
The small dimensions of the fragments of lobular fat facilitate rooting. The procedure enables the quantity of fat needed to restore the volumes to be grafted in a short time.
Volumetric Adipofilling

Volumetric Adipofilling. Small fragments of lobular fat made by Adipopimer in 5 second Scanning electron microscope



Prolonging the action of the Adipopimer for a further 10-20 seconds creates a suspension of single, living adipose and stromal cells. The regenerative suspension when centrifuged at 400 RPM for 4 minutes and injected into the dermis, can rejuvenate aged or sun-damaged skin and eliminate wrinkles. This new intradermal application is the most powerful, bio-stimulating, regenerative technique for aged or damaged skin, scars due to traumas or burns or stretch marks and the most powerful anti-wrinkle tool there is.
Intradermal Adipofilling before and after 20 days

Intradermal cellular regenerative Adipofilling. Result of only one treatment after 20 days


When injected into the dermis, the cellular suspension does not exert a volumetric effect; rather, the effect is exclusively regenerative. The suspension of small fragments of adipose tissue has a chiefly volumetric effect and maintains the cellular ratios that are characteristic of the tissue. By contrast the stromal cells and adipocytes are not subject to inhibition by contact, they are free to abundantly secrete numerous substances. When injected into wrinkles, the suspension spreads amply, eliciting the greatest remedial effect. The cellular suspension can also be injected onto large areas of the skin.
This great regenerative power of the cellular suspension means that it can also be used in orthopedics and in inflammatory, degenerative and painful conditions. The suspension of single cells can also be injected beneath the dermis, where it exerts a well controllable volumetric effect.


Cellular Adipofilling

Cellular Adipofilling smear. (Hematoxylin eosin)



The adipocytes constitute an organ which secretes substances that exert a powerful local action: cytokines, adipokines, leptin, TNFα-resistin, visfatin, IL-6, IL-8, SP, angiotensinogen, PAI-1, l adiponectin, cathelicidin with an antibacterial action, etc. The antibacterial capacity of adipocytes us understand why in the hundreds of interventions carried out there has never been an infection. Substances secreted by adipocytes are essential to the proper functioning of the stem cells and promote the trophism of the tissues and the rooting of lobular fragments.



A very interesting recent observation is that both suspensions used in Adipofilling centrifuged at low revolutions and put into syringes Luer lock of 1 ml or 2.5 ml can be stored, without freezing, for months at low temperatures: from -21°C to -31°C. For a better storage in the liquid, where the lipoaspirate is transformed, 10 ml of glucose 5% solution with 30 units of rapid insulin is added.
In practice, we have a biological, active filler that is able to perfect and maintain our results.
Adipofilling volumetric blue and cellular withe from freezer

Volumetric Adipofilling (Blue Cap) and Regenerative Cellular Adipofilling (White Cap). Both suspensions at -21 ° C / -31 ° C do not freeze and are stored for months. The possibility of preserving this biological filler makes it unique



The cells of lobular fat are separated in a few seconds in an atraumatic manner by the aspiration vortex created by the Adipopimer. The atraumatic nature of the procedure is confirmed by the fact that only a very thin layer of oil is seen in the supernatant after centrifugation at 400 RPM for 4 minutes. The Adipofilling today represents a powerful tool for the beauty of our patients.
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Adipofilling Tree Diagram