Adipofilling is the new technique of lipofilling designed by Dr Capurro. In this procedure, lobular fat is transformed in a few seconds into a cell suspension that can be injected superficially or in depth into the subcutaneous tissue, where it becomes integrated without displacing the connective stroma. The result of this integration is obvious. The Adipofilling procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic and the aspiration of subcutaneous fat through a 3 mm or 4 mm diameter cannula. The lobular fat is then washed with Ringer solution in a particular flask and fragmented with the Adipopimer (Korpo), a patented disposable device.

Based on the concepts of granulometry, fragmentation maintains the vitality of the adipocytes, the maximum size of which is about 120 ┬Ám. Other techniques, such as aspiration through micro-cannulas endowed with small holes, Coleman's Lipostructure and centrifugation at 1450 atm (300 rpm), cannot guarantee the vitality of the adipocytes. Indeed, after high-velocity centrifugation, the adipocytes appear micro-vacuolized on electron microscopy; this means that most of them are destined for apoptosis.

The cell suspension created by the Adipopimer can be injected into the superficial tissues, the deep tissues or the dermis with a simple syringe or cannula, without the disadvantages of traditional lipofilling (hardening, necrosis, calcification, rapid re-absorption).

Adipofilling is particularly efficacious when large volumetric increases are required.

The concept elaborated by Dr Capurro is that living adipose and stromal cells must be injected. Now that it is possible to fragment the lipoaspirate adequately, all the previous methods of traditional lipofilling or fat preparation, which damage the adipocytes, are seen to be obsolete.

Grafting adipose and stromal cells is able to correct volume deficits of the face and body permanently. It can be used to correct a sloping or irregular forehead, indented temporal fossae, hollowed eyelids and orbital and lacrimal sulci, zygomatic arches and malar regions, the posterior regions of the face, and hypoplasia of the jaw and lips; it can also give the nose a natural appearance after rhinoplasty.
In the body, Adipofilling can correct asymmetry and hypoplasia of the breasts. This procedure is performed increasingly frequently together with the implantation of elastic threads to give the breasts the desired shape; once the breast has been raised and shaped, the adipose and stromal cells are grafted.

The adipose tissue aspirated from the hips, abdomen or trochanters can be utilized to enhance the volume of the buttocks. These sequential procedures therefore improve two areas of the body. Adipofilling of the buttocks is sometimes carried out after the implantation of elastic suspension threads. Adipofilling can correct the results of breast and calf implants, imperfections left by liposuction, and all defects of the figure.

When injected beneath scars due to traumas or burns, the adipose and stromal cell suspension improves the quality of the skin. An improvement is also obtained by injecting the suspension beneath stretch marks and into the very dermis of the stretch marks. In this treatment, the cell suspension to be injected is potentiated by adding stromal cells; these stromal cells are obtained by centrifuging a portion of the fragmented material at 400 rpm for 4 minutes.

Before the washed lipoaspirate is fragmented by means of the Adipopimer, any fibrous strands that may be present are reduced, as they will hinder proper fragmentation of the adipose lobules. A double hook is used to pick out the fibrous strands. The Adipopimer is lubricated by the lipoaspirate itself. A 25% or 30% volume of Ringer or physiological solution is added to the material to be fragmented.


The lobular fat is transformed into a cell suspension that can be injected through a thin cannula.

Centrifugation at 400 rpm for 4 minutes enables the stromal cells to be extracted (the very thin layer of lighter color at the bottom). The thin layer of oil at the top shows that fragmentation has not caused any damage.



Adipofilling Tree Diagram

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