Sergio e Silvia CapurroDr. Sergio Capurro is a plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgeon who has combined research with decades-long clinical practice.

Dr. Capurro holds numerous national patents and PCT, and is the author of publications (in Nature Medicine, among others) and scientific treatises, which have been translated into English, French, German and Spanish.

Dr. Capurro is a lecturer at the principal Italian schools of Surgery and Esthetic Medicine, where he teaches the innovative techniques that he himself has designed. These include: Elastic Plastic Surgery, which revolutionizes lifting procedures; Adipofilling, which revolutionizes lipofilling; and Timedsurgery, which, with its more than 70 standardized techniques, has revolutionized electrosurgery and constitutes the most versatile physical method in the dermatological and esthetic fields. Timedsurgery was made possible by the creation of the Timed apparatus (USA Patent, S. Capurro).

Dr. Capurro's research has given rise to a new concept of the physiopathology of venous insufficiency in the lower limbs and to Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (TRAP), which has both revolutionized and simplified the treatment of varicose disease – the most common disease on earth.

His patented inventions and the teaching of his techniques have enabled thousands of pupils to broaden their professional expertise.

Dr. Capurro is the editor of the Medical Video Journal open access CRPUB.ORG.  CRPUB which publishes innovative techniques in esthetic surgery, corrective dermatology and phlebology online.

After four years of closure, has been reopened in response to the persistent requests of Italian and foreign colleagues who wish to be informed of the latest studies in the fields of plastic and esthetic surgery, phlebology and cosmetology, and to be updated in the innovative techniques designed by Dr. Capurro.

Personal and Family

Sergio Capurro graduated with top marks (110/110) in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Genoa. He subsequently specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Milan.

The son of the first Italian plastic and esthetic surgeon, Prof. Flora Spolidoro, Dr. Capurro is an expert in all operations of plastic surgery and esthetic surgery of the face and body and in the procedures of corrective dermatology. His decades-long experience as a reconstructive surgeon in the operating theater of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Regional Hospital of Genoa enables him to select the most appropriate and least invasive operation for each patient. His father, the well-known researcher Prof. Stelvio Capurro, founded the Institute of Normal Histology and Human Embryology in Genoa. From his father, Dr. Capurro learned to question generally accepted, consolidated concepts. This critical approach has enabled Dr Capurro to design and test the innovative techniques described on this site.

dr.Sergio Capurro