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Innovations in the fields of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, and Phlebology

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27. Upper blepharoplasty by means of the Timed apparatus

27. Upper blepharoplasty by means of the Timed apparatus (technique and golden number)

Upper blepharoplasty is the first anti-aging procedure requested by patients. It is not a simple procedure, as many surgeons believe. However, it becomes simple if we know how to perform it and what result we want to obtain.
First, the skin flap that is to be removed must be drawn out precisely; designs that are fanciful or which do not take into account the removal of the aged palpebral skin must be avoided. In this way the golden proportions are restored. The look is rejuvenated without artifacts.
Most patients want to rejuvenate their eyelids. This video demonstrates how the Timed apparatus can be used to perform the procedure with extreme precision.

12. Elastic round block and Adipofilling of hollowed out breasts, without skin excision

12. Elastic "round block" and Adipofilling of "hollowed out" breasts, without skin excision

Breasts that have a "hollowed out" appearance can be improved by means of elastic conization and simultaneous Adipofilling. The patients who request this procedure want their breasts to have a natural look, but do not want to undergo additive mastoplasty.
A circle is drawn around the areola at a distance of 4-6 cm from the nipple. An 8 mm incision is made at the areolar margin and a tunnel is created at a depth of 1 cm. Conization shapes the breast and broadens its base, making it more stable and more compact. Shaping of the breasts enables Adipofilling to be carried out wherever it is needed. Breast conization always precedes the grafting of fat.

54. Percutaneous correction of the diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles with the Elasticum suture and the two pointed needle

54. Percutaneous correction of the diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles with the Elasticum suture and the two-tipped needle

The Elasticum EP4 elastic thread mounted on the two-tipped Jano needle can be used to correct moderate diastases of the rectus muscles, without leaving scars. This Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure enables the muscles to be drawn back together in a stable manner, without tissue dissection and without leaving scars. Patient selection is important.
Palpation and echography are used to identify the diastasis of the abdominal rectus muscles accurately. It is useful to draw the pathway of the thread.
Local anesthesia is achieved by means of a modified Klein solution.

Upcoming Video Publications

55. Local anesthesia in elastic gluteoplasty

55. Local anesthesia in elastic gluteoplasty

The buttock can be compacted and lifted under local anesthesia with Elasticum EP5 Korpo elastic threads.
Two loops are drawn – one upper and one lower. The upper loop lifts and firms the upper portion of the buttock. The lower loop lifts the lower portion of the buttock. The results of basic elastic gluteoplasty can be further improved by means of liposuction and Adipofilling, which enhance the shape and symmetry of the buttocks, or even by implanting further elastic threads.

 56. Elastic rhinoplasty with removal of a cartilaginous hump and correction of the anterior septum

56. Correction of a long nose with the elastic thread and simultaneous removal of the cartilaginous hump

The patient has a drooping nose tip, a noticeable cartilaginous hump, and an anterior septal deviation. We remove the cartilaginous hump. Elastic rhinoplasty is performed. Near the procerus to improve the fixing of the elastic thread, we cross the deep tissues and of the nasal spine. From here the two-tipped needle comes out of the small entrance incision. Today we no longer perform the access with a micro-blade, we prefer to access it with a simple 16 G or 18 G needle, which does not leave scars. The anterior septum is now corrected.

 57. Lifting marionette wrinkles with 2 or 4 elastic threads and removal of the preauricular skin

57. Lifting of marionet's wrinkles with 4 elastic sutures and removal of the pre-auricular skin

In more ptotic faces, the elastic lifting of the puppet's wrinkles is done through an 8 mm incision behind both lobes. In this case, two isosceles triangles are implanted. The marionette elastic wrinkle lifting is usually performed after the elastic MACS lift or the elastic cheek lift. The elastic threads pull the lower third tissues laterally near the defects. If the preauricular skin is in excess, it is removed.

Previously Published Videos

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25. Treatment of a superficial skin angioma of the face with Electroporo Cosmesis

24. Permanent de-pigmentation with timedsurgical mixed peeling of normal facial skin in vitiligo universalis

23. Elimination of facial hyperpigmentation by means of Electroporo Cosmesis and 0.5 mixed peeling

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Elastic Plastic Surgery

Elastic Plastic Surgery revolutionizes Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
The numerous applications of Elastic Plastic Surgery range from large scar revision to Face-lifting, MACS lift, Neck lift, Gluteoplasty, Mastopexy, etc. Elastic Plastic Surgery, requires little or no dissection and is of lasting efficacy.

Phlebotherapy (TRAP)

Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy is a new functional and aesthetic treatment for varicose disease that revolutionizes current phlebological therapies. TRAP is able to resolve any case of varicose veins and/or telangiectasias of the lower limbs.


Adipofilling is a new inexpensive method of preparing and transferring adipose tissue. The suspension of adipocytes and stromal cells can be injected by an ordinary syringe needle in order to correct both deep and extremely superficial volume deficits. The results are free from artifacts and stable over time. Another very important application is in Regenerative Medicine.
The lobular fragments and cellular suspension produced by the Adipopimer have the characteristic of not freezing at 21°C, and can be stored in 1ml or 2.5ml syringes to be injected in the following months.


Timedsurgery enables over 70 standardized innovative techniques to be performed,eg: slow pulsed cutting, Electroporo Cosmesis, pulsed timedsurgical de-epithelialisation, mixed timedsurgical peeling, removal of lip wrinkles, elimination of skin hyperpigmentations, re-pigmentation of stable vitiligo, Adipolysis, Blephaplasty without skin incisions, etc...

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