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Innovations in the fields of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, and Phlebology

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3D Elastic Cantopexy before and after

49. Elastic Canthopexy with the Elasticum thread

Lateral elastic canthopexy is a new Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure that enables round eyes to be elongated without operating on the canthus.
Elongating the eyes gives the patient a more youthful, fascinating look.
A dermographic pen is used to draw a straight line from a point 5 mm from the external canthus to the hairline. This line constitutes the lower side of an Isosceles triangle. Local anesthesia is carried out along the implantation pathway of the elastic thread (Elasticum EP4).

Elimination of wrinkles in the lower eyelids

19. Elimination of wrinkles of the lower eyelids with Timedsurgical mixed peeling

Timedsurgical mixed peeling is the technique of choice for the permanent elimination of wrinkles and large folds from the lower eyelids.
The effects of skin aging in the palpebral region are difficult to correct by means of surgical techniques. However, if the overall appearance of the face is to be successfully rejuvenated, aging of the eyelid skin needs to be treated. Just think of a face that has been rejuvenated by means of elastic lifting, but which still has aged skin in the palpebral regions. Mixed peeling consists of pulsed timedsurgical de-epithelialization, followed by the application of a solution of resorcin. Mixed peeling is a safe technique and its efficacy is ensured.

Cellular Adipofilling for acne scar

11. Treating facial acne scars with intradermal cellular Adipofilling

The treatment of facial acne scars is carried out by means of several techniques. Today, a new, regenerative biological technique is available: Adipofilling.
This technique has been made possible by the invention of an economical, disposable, patented device: the Adipopimer.

Upcoming Video Publications

Tumescence TRAP

09. Tumescence TRAP to compress the varicose veins

Tumescence TRAP is one of the complementary procedures of Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (TRAP).
As is known, TRAP has revolutionized phlebological treatment by replacing irrational techniques, such as sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, saphenectomy, so-called functional ligature, burning by means of laser and HF currents, and the recent absurd procedures of gluing the veins.
TRAP is a biological technique that treats the venous walls, making the veins continent once again. Its action is three-dimensional, extending to the perforating, communicating and superficial circulation. TRAP treats the hemodynamic hypertension of the venous circulation in the lower limbs.

Elastic face e neck lift

50. Elastic Face and Neck lifts and ancillary esthetic procedures

The elastic thread does not cut into the tissues and is transformed into a ligament that stabilizes the result. With the two-tipped Jano needle, there is no need to dissect the tissues, and we can act close to the defect that we want to correct.
Elastic liftings are effective, minimally invasive, ambulatory and have long-lasting results.

Elastic canthopexy in the MACS and Neck lifting

51. Elastic canthopexy in elastic MACS and neck lifting, with subsequent Adipofilling

The preoperative design shows: the incision that crosses the sideburn and stops at the tragus, the pathway of the elastic canthopexy thread, the parallel neck threads, and the vectors of the isosceles triangles that suspend the cheeks and the malar region.
The skin incision that crosses the sideburn and stops at the tragus is now made. This incision is beveled to maintain the integrity of the hair follicles of the sideburn.
The subcutaneous tissue is dissected from the superficial temporal fascia with scissors. The dissected area is rectangular in shape and extends slightly beyond the zygomatic arch; it is not extended medially, to avoid interfering with the functioning of the frontal branch of the facial nerve. Dissection is normally carried out with large scissors, as my mother, Dr Spolidoro, used to teach.
The operator uses a finger to check whether the dissection has extended beyond the zygomatic arch.

Previously Published Videos

46. Elastic rhinoplasty with the elastic thread

47. Elastic Lifting of the Upper Lip with three threads

48. Mastopexy of drooping breasts with silicone implants, by means of two tiny incisions and elastic threads

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Elastic Plastic Surgery

Elastic Plastic Surgery revolutionizes Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
The numerous applications of Elastic Plastic Surgery range from large scar revision to Face-lifting, MACS lift, Neck lift, Gluteoplasty, Mastopexy, etc. Elastic Plastic Surgery, requires little or no dissection and is of lasting efficacy.

Phlebotherapy (TRAP)

Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy is a new functional and aesthetic treatment for varicose disease that revolutionizes current phlebological therapies. TRAP is able to resolve any case of varicose veins and/or telangiectasias of the lower limbs.


Adipofilling is a new inexpensive method of preparing and transferring adipose tissue. The suspension of adipocytes and stromal cells can be injected by an ordinary syringe needle in order to correct both deep and extremely superficial volume deficits. The results are free from artifacts and stable over time. Another very important application is in Regenerative Medicine.
The lobular fragments and cellular suspension produced by the Adipopimer have the characteristic of not freezing at 21°C, and can be stored in 1ml or 2.5ml syringes to be injected in the following months.


Timedsurgery enables over 70 standardized innovative techniques to be performed,eg: slow pulsed cutting, Electroporo Cosmesis, pulsed timedsurgical de-epithelialisation, mixed timedsurgical peeling, removal of lip wrinkles, elimination of skin hyperpigmentations, re-pigmentation of stable vitiligo, Adipolysis, Blephaplasty without skin incisions, etc...

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