Lateral elastic canthopexy is a new Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure designed by dr. Capurro Elastic Canthopexy enables round eyes to be elongated without operating on the canthus.
As the eyes grow older, they become round. Dr. Capurro designed this procedure because he realized that rejuvenating the eyes was an extremely important part of rejuvenating the patient's look. Elastic canthopexy is much simpler, more effective and does not present the risks of canthopexies and canthoplastics interventions. Elastic Canthopexy stretches the eyes and the tissues that are lateral to the cantus.
A 2 mm incision is made at the hairline. The two-tipped Jano needle passes through the temporal fascia, where it anchors the elastic thread that forms the short side of the triangle. Elasticum EP4 (Korpo srl Italy) is used. The apex of the triangle made with the elastic thread is fixed to the palpebral retinaculum.

Elastic Canthopexy.1

Completed the triangular route, the two ends of the elastic thread are placed under tension and knotted. The traction exerted acts on all the tissues that are inside the suspension triangle. With the Elastic Canthopexy not only can you stretch your eyes but also change its shape. Elastic canthopexy can be performed at the same time as face-lifting procedures.

Elastic Canthopexy2

When elastic MACS lift, it is possible to rejuvenate the eyes by using Elastic Canthopexy during the same operation. Elastic canthopexy can also be performed while lifting cheeks without dissection and while raising temples and eyebrows and while upper and transconjunctival blepharoplasty.
The eyes tend to round with aging; lengthening them makes them look younger and more fascinating.