On Saturday 28th October at the Agorà in Milan, the first live surgery course in Adipofilling was held by Prof. Sergio Capurro, the inventor of this technique.

1st live surgery course in adipofilling

During the session of live surgery, severe atrophy of a cheek was corrected and a layer of adipose and stromal cells was laid down by means of a thin cannula, in order to rejuvenate the skin of the patient’s face.
Thanks to its volume-enhancing capabilities and its regenerative effects, Adipofilling now constitutes the gold standard for the transfer of adipose tissue. In Adipofilling, lobular fat is transformed in a few seconds into a suspension of small cell clumps or single living cells. Fragmentation of the lobular fat exploits the concepts of granulometry and is carried out by means of an economical device, which was created after many years of experimentation. The dimensions of the cells in suspension enable large or small amounts of adipose and stromal cells to be injected in depth, superficially, into the dermis, under the mucosa, into the joints, etc. The dimensions of the cells also facilitate their rooting.
In Adipofilling, the absolute or relative number of stromal cells in suspension can be increased within a few minutes.
Today, Adipofilling can be considered the most powerful regenerative and volumetric tool that we possess.

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